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Amazing events for this weekend in Hanoi

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The Hanoitimes - Time to unwind your imagination with exhibition “3 . 3 . 3” by Le Cong Thanh or enjoy Ciné IFV: “Le Potager de Mon Grand-Père”, etc.
Exhibition “3 . 3 . 3” by Le Cong Thanh
Exhibition “3 . 3 . 3” by Le Cong Thanh.
Exhibition “3 . 3 . 3” by Le Cong Thanh.
Heritage Space is honored to introduce “3 . 3 . 3”, a solo exhibition by Sculptor Le Cong Thanh, an important Vietnamese sculptor in 20th century, curated by Nguyen Anh Tuan.
“3 . 3 . 3” is a sculptural interpretation of Le Cong Thanh’s artistic spirit. This exhibition does not display currently available works at his workshop, but chooses three models from his thin-steeled sculpture series, then enlarge them into nine “sculptures” in medium to large sizes, with the consent of the artist and his family.
Each sketch is a generalized representation of the sculpture figure he pursues: the female body, Totem objects, the endless column with a spirit of mystery, sensuality, thirst and grandiosity.
Thin-steeled sculpture, developed by Le Cong Thanh in the late 1980s, has been a big step forward in the thinking and visual language of the artist. He continued to work this way for many years, with small sketches and medium-sized statues, quietly working and waiting for the opportunity to showcase them in large spaces. These works make up a significant part of his massive collection of art over half a century of work. They are also the most interesting, contemporary and popular.
Time: Sunday July 22 at 6:30 pm
Venue: Heritage Space, 1st Floor, Dolphin Plaza, 6 Nguyen Hoang (for car) | 28 Tran Binh (for bike), My Dinh 2, Hanoi
Seminar: “Children Learn While They Play”

Seminar: “Children Learn While They Play”.
Seminar: “Children Learn While They Play”.
At the seminar titled "Children Learn While They Play – how and what do they learn? What do children learn when they play?", professionals from Vietnam, France and Germany will share their experience and insights about the use and value of outdoor playground for children.
Playing conveys happiness to all children; however not all parents like to watch their children play outdoors. But there are valuable insights to be acknowledged. We invited two experts from France and Germany to share with us their insights and experience about the importance of playing. They will bring along hands-on experiences, and exciting new ideas which are relate to theories of educational culture for children. This seminar offers an opportunity for Vietnamese professionals and parents to get into a dialogue with our guests on the issues of education, life skills development and, more importantly, ways to make the presence and future of our children a life of fulfillment and happiness.
The conference is part of a series of events called the Play Campaign. The aim is to build a dialogue with the community about the importance of playing for the mental and personality development of our children. The program is supported by the German-French Culture Foundation, the Goethe-Institut Hanoi, the French Cultural Center L’Espace Hanoi and other sponsors and partners.
Time: Saturday July 21 at 9:30 am
Venue: Goethe Institut, 56-58 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
Ciné IFV: “Le Potager de Mon Grand-Père”

Ciné IFV: “Le Potager de Mon Grand-Père”.
Ciné IFV: “Le Potager de Mon Grand-Père”.
You are invited to the screening of “Le Potager de Mon Grand-Père” (My Grandpa’s Garden – France, 2016, 76′) by Martin Esposito.
“A homage to nature and to transmission” – L’Express
Film synopsis: Martin has come to his grandfather’s house to get back to his roots, and to help and share moments with his grandfather. The elderly man shares his knowledge, and the secrets of this garden cultivated out of love for his dead wife. Martin belongs to the fast food generation, and becomes aware of the value of this precious heritage. The film is a hymn to life and to nature which it is our duty to protect.
Time: Sunday July 22 at 6:00 pm
Venue: Institut Français de Hanoi – L’Espace, 24 Trang Tien, Hanoi
Exhibition “The Best of Environment and Culture”

Exhibition “The Best of Environment and Culture”.
Exhibition “The Best of Environment and Culture”.
Vietnam has a rich culture which manifests itself in our language, foods and a variety of products – but not so much in architecture. Although having been making progress over the years, architecture in Vietnam has not had major steps of development, partly because of the harsh weather conditions during summer and winter.
You are invited to an architecture exhibition with Takashi Niwa Architects to discuss the optimal combination of environment and culture in architecture. Takashi Niwa Architects will also share their experience doing architectural projects in Vietnam.
Time: Friday July 20 at 7:00 pm
Venue: Nanoco gallery, 83 Lang Str, Hanoi
Ha Phuong
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