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Amazing events for this weekend in Hanoi

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The Hanoitimes - There are a lot of amusing events you can enjoy in Hanoi this weekend, and here are the ones we recommend.
Sonic Dreams: An Audio/Visual Live Show
Sonic Dreams: An Audio/Visual Live Show.
Sonic Dreams: An Audio/Visual Live Show.
Audio-Visual interaction is a treat to explore new ways of exploring the synchronicity and correspondence. It’s the way to explore possible relationships between sound and image, but most importantly, it allows for those moments when sound and image fuse and become indistinguishable.
In other word, it’s the practice of experimenting different ways of seeing sound as the visual dance the music. When the sound and the visuality interpenetrate, it creates a third communicative dimension. The visuals articulate the depth of the music, and, at the same time, the music articulates the depth of the visuals.
It’s just like a collage expanded around time and several spatial and medial layers, breaks free from the two-dimensionality of the surface. It’s just like melting the ice that is the song into the mist that is the image. Sonic dreams happen when this “digital harmony” happen, when the eye hears and the ear sees.
This time, three artists from different cultures however nursing the same experiences/interest in audio-visual live performance: José Venditti (Spain), The Burning Deck (India), Simon Medard (Belgium, visual artist) and Hanoi-based musicians Huong Donna, Nguyen Thuy Linh (dan bau), Alec Schacner will lead us to the most mystical sonic dreams.
Time: Saturday November 17 from 8:00 am – 10:00 pm
Venue: Heritage Space, 1st Floor, Dolphin Plaza, 6 Nguyen Hoang / 28 Tran Binh, My Dinh 2, Hanoi
“Visible – Invisible” Art Tour

“Visible – Invisible” Art Tour.
“Visible – Invisible” Art Tour.
Heritage Space is honored to present and invite you to the “Visible – Invisible” Tour, the special art tour giving a walk-through to the “Visible – Invisible” exhibition. The Tour, led by organizers and artists, will be an opportunity for viewers to understand the works more clearly through verbal introduction, stories behind them as well the original creative ideas as the works are analyzed layer by layer underneath their façade.
At the same time, your curiosity will certainly be satisfied as all your questions on arts, its diverse structure and shape will be thoroughly answered.
Time: Sunday November 18 from 3:00 – 5:00 pm
Venue: Heritage Space, 1st Floor, Dolphin Plaza, 6 Nguyen Hoang / 28 Tran Binh, My Dinh 2, Hanoi
FILM storyteller: Cinema Blind Dating

FILM storyteller: Cinema Blind Dating.
FILM storyteller: Cinema Blind Dating.
In this screening series, the movies’ information will remain undisclosed, and instead visual and verbal clues will be reveal in the days leading to the screening. This will not lead our audience into a ‘treasure hunt’, nor giving out the secret, but bring you a pleasant surprise. Watching a movie is starting a rendez-vous, we – the audience, at times we wonder what have made us watch a film, and we don’t always found our reasons, and sometimes that’s not the most important. With the unability to see this obvious yet invisible things, this screening series invites you in through dating, with hidden possibilities in the uncertainty of the expected rendez-vous.
Time: Saturday November 17 from 7:00 – 9.30 pm
Venue: Heritage Space, 1st Floor, Dolphin Plaza, 6 Nguyen Hoang / 28 Tran Binh, My Dinh 2, Hanoi
Art Talk with Nguyen The Hung

Art Talk with Nguyen The Hung.
Art Talk with Nguyen The Hung.
Artist Nguyen The Hung talks about the “destruction and transformation” of his artworks in the “Mien Lac Du/Land of Lost Wanderers” exhibition and looking back on the milestones in his 10-year career.
You are invited to an art talk with artist Nguyen The Hung and curator Duong Thu Hang of Hanoi Studio on the ocassion of Hung’s solo exhibition “Mien Lac Du/Land of lost wanderers”. The talk will also look back Hung’s 10-year career since he graduated from Vietnam Fine Art University – a successful and transformational journey began with hard work, commitment, patience, an open mind, a clear approach, and talent
The exhibition includes 24 zen-like, romantic, vibrant paintings and 01 installation artwork made with more than 8000 lighters.
Joining the discussion, the artist and the curator will help you understand the paintings layer by layer, from what is in front of your eyes to what is hidden deep beneath, to tell you, openly and honestly, the story of beginning and destroying and starting all over, of struggles and reliefs at the end when the exhibition opening date was drawing near. The story is just as exciting and intriguing as a movie that will surely tell you a lot more. To make art is to live and to question about life.
Time: Saturday November 17 at 4:00 pm
Venue: Hanoi Studio, 13 Trang Tien, Hanoi
Exhibition “Parallel Worlds of ‘Yin’”

Exhibition “Parallel Worlds of ‘Yin’”.
Exhibition “Parallel Worlds of ‘Yin’”.
Two artists, two different genders, two ages, two different artistic styles, two different journeys of creating artwork, but their paintings share a common: “Yin” matter (from Yin-Yang concepts) – it might be the afterlife world, also could be the inner spiritual/emotional realm character/the spirit locating inside bodies. Accordingly, two artists were invited to present a duet exhibition at Vicas Art Studio entitled “Parallel Worlds of ‘Yin’”.
Time: Saturday November 17 at 5:30 pm
Venue: VICAS Art Studio, 32 Hao Nam street, Dong Da district, Hanoi
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