Monday, 21 Jan 2019
Sunday, 20 Jan 2019, 10:03
Over the year, increasing supply led to positive performance with Grade A rental hitting maximum US$75/sq.m/month.
Friday, 18 Jan 2019, 16:42
The rising supply was driven by growing demand for offices from multinational companies.
Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019, 11:30
Hanoi is pulling in expanding levels of investment from large multinational technology firms.
Monday, 14 Jan 2019, 06:12
Geographic advantages are among factors proving that Vietnam is one of the world’s promising lands for global investors.
Sunday, 13 Jan 2019, 13:05
Increasing foreign capital inflows into the market are thanks to more tolerance in housing ownership, significant investment in smart cities, and geographic advantages.
Thursday, 10 Jan 2019, 15:34
The strong demand was supported by the relocation and expansion of office space among big companies, mainly multinational corporations.
Thursday, 10 Jan 2019, 09:57
The Law on Housing and the Law on Real Estate Business have partially lifted the barriers for foreigners investing in Vietnam’s real estate market and thus opened the floodgate for foreign investment in the sector.
Wednesday, 09 Jan 2019, 17:28
Hanoi's property market was bolstered by high economic growth and fresh FDI inflows, mostly from Japan.
Monday, 07 Jan 2019, 11:33
The value went down 82.24% from the peak in the first quarter 2013.
Monday, 24 Dec 2018, 08:05
Japanese investors are now aiming to pour US$9-10 billion into Vietnam over the next few years, mostly into infrastructure development and real estate.
Friday, 21 Dec 2018, 17:23
Vietnam appears to be a potential market for branded residences with the future destinations like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Danang.
Friday, 21 Dec 2018, 12:38
A large number of industrial and commercial lease deals related to the automobile sector have been made over the past three years.
Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018, 09:14
As the trade war with the US escalates, many investors are withdrawing from China to neighboring countries like Vietnam.
Friday, 14 Dec 2018, 14:00
Some apartment blocks which were built under the French colonialism are no longer safe for living and might collapse at any time.
Wednesday, 12 Dec 2018, 21:30
Transparency and clarity in budget spending are decisive factors to gain support from the public for the new tax law, which is complicated in nature and difficult to collect.
Wednesday, 12 Dec 2018, 16:42
The office market in Ho Chi Minh City is heating up with the presence of high-end tenants from outside the country.
Wednesday, 12 Dec 2018, 11:49
The majority of inventories come from mid- and high-end housing projects (priced at least VND25 million (US$$1,086)/sq.m.
Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018, 18:38
The ratio of transactions by Chinese homebuyers in Vietnam’s biggest economic metropolis rocketed from 4% in 2017 and 2% in 2016 to 31% in the first three quarters this year.
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