Thursday, 23 May 2019
Sunday, 12 May 2019, 09:15
The project will be implemented through the public-private partnership (PPP) format.
Tuesday, 07 May 2019, 13:34
The city is committed to creating a favorable investment environment of international standards.
Friday, 03 May 2019, 22:05
The business forum is an effort of the Indonesian embassy in Hanoi to promote trade between Vietnam and Indonesia in line with the target of reaching the two-way trade turnover of US$10 billion by 2020.
Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019, 09:07
Vietnam has huge needs for airport infrastructure development.
Friday, 19 Apr 2019, 10:12
One third of US companies operating in China are considering relocating their production facilities abroad, and Vietnam is one of their top destinations.
Thursday, 18 Apr 2019, 18:23
Vietnam is still at a low level of automation compared with other countries in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia and Thailand.
Thursday, 18 Apr 2019, 09:38
According to experts, the shift of this investment capital flow is aimed to catch up with huge opportunities from the CPTPP and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).
Wednesday, 10 Apr 2019, 21:39
The municipal People’s Committee proposed an increase of capital expenditure from VND29,019 billion (US$1.24 billion) to VND30,992 billion (US$1.33 billion).
Thursday, 04 Apr 2019, 09:37
Vietnam aims to increase renewable power output from 58 billion kWh in 2015 to 101 billion kWh by 2020 and 186 billion kWh by 2030, equivalent to 7 percent of total supply in 2020 and 10 percent in 2030
Tuesday, 26 Mar 2019, 10:14
That Macquarie shows interest in large scale investment projects in Vietnam would be a big push and motivation for enterprises from Vietnam and Australia, the governmental portal reported.
Monday, 25 Mar 2019, 16:41
In 2018, Ho Chi Minh City’s gross regional domestic product (GRDP) expanded 8.3%, making up 24.16% of Vietnam’s GDP, the highest rate so far.
Monday, 18 Mar 2019, 12:07
Hanoi is committed to ensuring the best support for German companies.
Thursday, 14 Mar 2019, 12:17
The offer of such a size is expected to attract foreign investor and spur the company’s long-term growth.
Tuesday, 08 Jan 2019, 02:38
Qualified startups would have an opportunity to work with a network of more than 60 local and international mentors and investors, while alumni included multi-million dollar valuation companies like, TechElite, SchoolBus, among others.
Friday, 04 Jan 2019, 17:32
The benchmark price in the first trading session is set at VND14,900 (US$0.65), while the actual price could fluctuate in a band of +/-20% of the benchmark price.
Thursday, 20 Dec 2018, 08:12
The International Air Transport Association also estimated that between now and 2020, passenger transportation in Vietnam is expected to rise by 16 percent, and from 2020 to 2030, by 8 percent.
Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018, 19:26
Under the program, each participating company will have access to more than US$500,000 worth of free perks and discounts from twenty 500 Startups partners including Amazon Web Services, Google, and Microsoft.
Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018, 06:20
Total is expected to team up with other partners, including Siemens (Germany), Novatek (Russia) and Vietnam’s A&A Technology and Investment Company for the project with a total power-generating capacity of 4,500 MW.
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