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Explore the ancient Bao Dap village

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The Hanoitimes - Visiting the ancient village of Bao Dap, any visitor would be fascinated by the host of relics, temples and pagodas of the village.
With cultural values, history and unique artistic architecture of the locals, temples and pagodas, Bao Dap village (Kieu Ky commune, Gia Lam district, Hanoi) is an ideal address for the soul and  the lovers of ancient beauty to explore and experience.

Visiting the ancient village of Bao Dap, any visitor would be fascinated by the host of relics, temples and pagodas of the village. This is a relic complex covering 12,934 square meters with dignified look and quiet atmosphere and structured in the shape of the Chinese Dinh letter. The temple’s gate looks northwest. Having a nice structure on a beautiful and turtle-shaped land, the temple’s position is even more scenic as it has rivers flowing around.
According to the "Di Van" written by Dong Binh Nguyen Phuc (1572), Bao Quoc communal house is located in a large land area including: the central area including the chambers of Dai Bai, Trung and Hau. This is a place to worship the gods of Hau legends, two angels Chan Vu Dai, Truong Thien Nha and Nguyen Van Cong - a dignitary in the Nguyen dynasty who had many merits to the locals.
The temple was built in the Le dynasty, worshipping the genie patron of the village. At present, the shrine retains six ordinances dating from the Le and Nguyen dynasties. Meanwhile, Bao A pagoda worships different gods and religions in the way of “Gods in front and Buddha in the back”. Particularly, the relic also has a Bodhi trees of nearly one thousand years old in its yard.

The unique cultural traits of Bao Dap is the holy festival, held on February 15 of the lunar calendar. On this occasion, visitors will be immersed in the majestic festival with the participation of hundreds of people and which is prepared during several months. In it, the main celebrant and the staff of the procession are selected carefully, with the following standards such as well-known family and good moral. Especially, the Dragon dance team must be practicing regularly for the whole year.
With its unique cultural, historical and architectural values, the Bao Dap village has been honored with the national recognition of one of the three local historical, artistic and architectural vestiges. To explore the ancient village of Bao Dap, visitors also can visit the traditional handicraft village of Kieu Ky where people practice gold inlay, knitting ink and leather work.
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