Thursday, 23 May 2019
Tuesday, 12 Feb 2019, 16:09
The days after Tet holiday (Lunar New Year) is expected to be no less exciting with dragon boat race, calligraphy fair and festivals featuring ethnic minorities' culture.
Saturday, 09 Feb 2019, 12:16
The victory has gone down in Vietnamese history as an immortal and epic struggle for national autonomy, construction and defense.
Saturday, 02 Feb 2019, 10:27
What makes her feel close is that both Russia and Vietnam have folk songs. The language has a similar meaning in meaning.
Monday, 21 Jan 2019, 13:15
Visiting Thach Xa village, visitors seem to be back to childhood to feel peace and quietness through the dragonfly color.
Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019, 13:13
The talents of carpentry have made the reputation of this village spread throughout the city and nationwide
Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019, 05:35
Dien Phuc Temple was recognized a state historical cultural heritage at national level in 1986.
Friday, 21 Sep 2018, 06:34
The Huong Son landscape complex still holds the historical value and represents special cultural value of Vietnamese buddhism.
Tuesday, 12 Jun 2018, 16:21
The following black and white photos of Hanoi were taken by a French photographer in 1991.
Wednesday, 09 May 2018, 12:02
"We want to give Hanoi people an opportunity to access European culture in street space instead of in museums or at concerts," shared Bruno Angelet, Ambassador, Head of the delegation of The European Union (EU) in Vietnam.
Friday, 04 May 2018, 15:46
Trinh Cong Son walking street, scheduled to open in mid May, is Hanoi’s second public space not for vehicles, following the first near Hoan Kiem Lake.
Monday, 30 Apr 2018, 22:12
A series of new mural roads in Hanoi show that the city is paying more attention to the development of its public space.
Saturday, 14 Apr 2018, 17:05
There are not many cities which have a myriad of small alleys like Hanoi. Here you see alleys with or without names, and village alleys turn into city streets. And I want to tell about Hanoi's unnamed alleys.
Wednesday, 11 Apr 2018, 16:31
Book Festival 2018 will be held in Hanoi from April 19 to 24, as part of activities to mark Vietnam Book Day (April 21), and World Book and Copyright Day (April 23).
Tuesday, 13 Feb 2018, 16:18
The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced that it has added three cultural heritages of Hanoi to the national intangible cultural heritage list.
Tuesday, 30 Jan 2018, 11:17
Coming to Ba Vi countryside farm in Van Hoa commune, Ba Vi district, Hanoi, tourists will immerse themselves in nature and have opportunities to play the farmers.
Wednesday, 03 Jan 2018, 17:17
The Hanoi riches has their new sort of pursuit.
Monday, 30 Oct 2017, 20:48
The US Cable News Network (CNN) will continue to promote Hanoi tourism on its channel from October 30 to November 8 across the regions such as Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America and South Asia.
Monday, 30 Oct 2017, 18:56
Located on the 2nd floor of the collective house No.5, Dinh Le Street, Hanoi, Mr. Le Luy - owner of Mao bookstore still diligently "keep the fire" for reading culture in the city for nearly 30 years now.
Railway street - new attraction in Hanoi
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