Tuesday, 19 Mar 2019
Tuesday, 19 Mar 2019, 16:54
"3500LIVES Global Road Safety Campaign" is a global campaign to raise the awareness of people around the world about road traffic safety.
Tuesday, 19 Mar 2019, 10:51
Tuan, 61, was accused of “infringing regulations on management of public assets, causing serious damage” and “breaking regulations on land management” under the Criminal Code.
Sunday, 17 Mar 2019, 12:03
People around the world have been paying tributes to the victims which climb to 50 dead and 50 wounded.
Friday, 15 Mar 2019, 11:52
Vietnamese Spokeswoman Le Thi Thu Hang said all parties must act responsibly while seeking peaceful solutions to maritime disputes.
Friday, 15 Mar 2019, 11:37
Vietnam and the Netherlands have had many effective cooperation and exchange activities in many fields, especially in the fields of water resources management, clean energy development, renewable energy.
Friday, 15 Mar 2019, 08:46
Vietnam is the first country visited by the special envoy of Indonesia's foreign minister.
Thursday, 14 Mar 2019, 22:58
Human rights are respected and demonstrated through Vietnam's significant achievements which have been recognized and appreciated by the international community, a Vietnamese spokesperson has said.
Thursday, 14 Mar 2019, 16:26
A trio of oil officials have been accused of appropriating VND50 billion (US$2.2 million) in interests from PVEP’s deposits at Ocean Bank.
Wednesday, 13 Mar 2019, 15:32
US President Donald Trump said in a farewell in Hanoi last month that he expected to welcome Vietnamese President Nguyen Phu Trong at the Oval Office in the White House.
Wednesday, 13 Mar 2019, 07:43
In a phone call with Malaysian Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah on Monday, Vietnamese Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh asked Malaysia to ensure a fair trial and free Doan Thi Huong.
Friday, 08 Mar 2019, 09:30
More and more Japanese warships have visited Vietnam over the past years as part of the Vietnam-Japan multifaceted partnership .
Friday, 08 Mar 2019, 07:08
The attack-and-run cases caused by Chinese vessels happen frequently within Vietnamese waters.
Thursday, 07 Mar 2019, 16:53
The summit leaves mixed impacts on big stakeholders of the denuclearization process.
Thursday, 07 Mar 2019, 14:56
The sanctions leave direct impact on North Korean economy shown through a sharp decline in exports last year.
Thursday, 07 Mar 2019, 11:39
The discussion took place in the context that the Philippines is the Coordinator of the ASEAN-China relations until 2021.
Tuesday, 05 Mar 2019, 17:32
Related officials attributed the price hike to the efforts to make the power market more competitive.
Tuesday, 05 Mar 2019, 08:56
The central question is whether the US and North Korea can make a turning point to their relationship.
Monday, 04 Mar 2019, 16:18
Kim noted that the two countries and two parties would develop the relationship through the legacy built up by the countries’ founding leaders.
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