Wednesday, 24 Jul 2019
Wednesday, 24 Jul 2019, 11:11
Beijing has shamelessly occupied waters of regional countries and harassed Vietnam's long-lasting oil exploitation within Vietnamese waters.
Monday, 22 Jul 2019, 13:00
Hanoi affirms it will resolutely “fight violations” in its sea areas.
Monday, 22 Jul 2019, 11:55
It isn't the first time China ignored protests and warnings from Vietnam and the outside world.
Saturday, 20 Jul 2019, 23:34
“The United States firmly opposes coercion and intimidation by any claimant to assert its territorial or maritime claims.”
Friday, 19 Jul 2019, 20:10
This is the first time the Vietnamese foreign ministry specified the incident after a standoff reportedly broke out on July 3.
Tuesday, 16 Jul 2019, 21:44
The spokesperson affirmed Vietnam’s consistent position to resolutely and persistently stand against any act infringing upon Vietnam’s sovereignty, sovereignty rights and jurisdiction in Vietnamese waters.
Sunday, 14 Jul 2019, 23:35
The delimitation agreement is made in the hope that maritime disputes would not overwhelm bilateral relations.
Thursday, 04 Jul 2019, 17:57
Pentagon calls the missile tests "disturbing" while Hanoi demands related parties respect international treaties.
Monday, 24 Jun 2019, 07:28
Unlawful behaviors in the sea require ASEAN's better role in dealing with.
Thursday, 20 Jun 2019, 23:38
Recently, Chinese vessels have tormented many Vietnamese fishing boats within the Vietnamese waters.
Tuesday, 18 Jun 2019, 18:41
ASEAN must actively respond to its members’ calls on the South China Sea issues.
Sunday, 16 Jun 2019, 19:18
A Philippine navy official said it was the Chinese’s disregard for the safety of the 22 Filipino fishermen that made the incident doubly reprehensible.
Sunday, 16 Jun 2019, 10:13
This is the second time the largest flattop helicopter carrier arrives in Vietnam's Cam Ranh military port.
Tuesday, 04 Jun 2019, 08:05
Washington considers Vietnam one of its strong defense partners in the Indo-Pacific region.
Monday, 03 Jun 2019, 17:07
Hanoi’s stance on multi-sided solutions for multiple-stakeholder issues remains persistent.
Sunday, 02 Jun 2019, 19:23
Acting US Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said behavior that erodes other nations' sovereignty and sows distrust of China’s intentions must end.
Friday, 24 May 2019, 18:10
Chinese fleets accompanied by motherships harvest clams by destroying coral reefs.
Friday, 24 May 2019, 09:36
This year, the dialogue would see the first presence in eight year of a Chinese defense minister.
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