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COP21 and the mission to save the world

Updated at Tuesday, 01 Dec 2015, 14:34
The Hanoitimes - In the capital of France, there is an international conference of the world`s most voluminous vision, and the purpose of this event is to save the world.
The conference's goal is to have the new agreement in binding for all members of the United Nations (UN) to protect the Earth's climate, namely substantial emissions cuts that cause the greenhouse effect, reducing the degree of temperature on the Earth. Protecting the climate on Earth aims to sustain human habitats. The mission of this event is to save the world.

The idea is good and encouraging. The organization of this conference is essential. It followed a lot of international earlier conferences organized by the UN about protecting the Earth's climate. It maintains continuity and the theme of protecting the Earth's climate. It shows that humanity is not discouraged by failure or very slow progress in the previous conference.

Repeated that the main goal of the conference is to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate change, also known as Paris agreement 2015 that targets keeping global warming below 2 Celsius Degrees at the end of the 21st century in comparison with the 1850-1990 pre-industrial period. But the completion of the mission to save the world is not easy. The approach has so far been set a target to keep the Earth's temperature from rising above 20 Cencius Degree, compared with pre-industrial times and are binding on all UN members to responsibility together to achieve this goal. At the time of the boot process on Earth's climate protection with a central role assumed by the United Nations, this approach is very practical, but with time and real participation by non-construction of the economy that produces the largest volume of emissions causing the greenhouse effect, the above approach to be "ideal" and therefore does not lead to the expected results.

At this meeting, the participants definitely still want to maintain the same approach but also had not a few signs that are increasingly popular awareness about the need to have a new approach. That is the approach: Do not continue to hang on to fix numbers (as the 20 Cencius Degree) anymore but to focus on what can be done, switching the orientation from the "ideal target" to feasible goal. If the Paris agreement is adopted, this will be the first time over two decades of negotiations within the UN framework, the international community reaches a binding agreement with the involvement of major emitters of greenhouse gases, including the developed and developing countries. 

With this new approach, the conference can achieve progress in levels if no breakthrough is groundbreaking, at least as a new departure towards the final destination. Wanting to save the world is now doing just what can be done, and who to do what they should do rather than sitting around and waiting until there is a new treaty, and not to mess up the competition. Comments blaming each other and judging who makes less and one must do more. Therefore, even though everyone hopes a successful conference but the capacity that the conference can be failed still occurs.
By Anh Kiet
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