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CPTA’s member cities need to promote tourism through social networks

Updated at Sunday, 09 Sep 2018, 09:38
The Hanoitimes - The possession of long-standing media culture with the mix of modern life is the advantage to help Asia cities attract more European and US tourists.
The information was announced by Director of Kuala Lumpur Department of Culture, Arts, Tourism and Sports, Khairul Anuar Bin Mhd Juri on the sidelines of the 16th meeting of Council for Promoting Tourism in Asia (CPTA) with Hanoi tourism enterprises on September 7.
CPTA’s member cities needs to promote tourism through social network. Photo: Ho Ha
CPTA’s member cities needs to promote tourism through social network. Photo: Ho Ha
For tourists from the Europe and US, they highly value destinations which are rich in cultural traditions. This can be considered the strength of Asian countries, so the 10 official member cities should emphasize these factors to attract more visitors from Europe and US, said the official.
“I think members cities need to be more active in their general projects because it is free and can support each other. By combining such resources, we will achieve better results in tourism development,” Khairul Anuar Bin MHD Juri noted.
Emphasizing the plans that all 10 member cities of the CPTA should do in the near future, Khairul Anuar Bin MHD Juri said that Asia is a place where most of the cultures and heritage traditions are concentrated, so if they want to promote tourism development, all CPTA member cities should have joint programs.
In addition, it is necessary to improve the training of young human resources, because they are knowledgeable about information technology, he said, suggesting promoting travel on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
In the framework of the conference, delegates also exchanged new information regarding tourism promotion programs in each member city.
Director of Hanoitourist Phung Quang Thang shared experiences about Hanoi’s traditional modern mixture program through pictures.
“Each participant in the program will be equipped with a camera accompanying the film, visiting traditional markets, old houses, film studios and enjoy some specific dishes,” Thang said.
Sharing the characteristics that help Tokyo City attract tourists in recent years, Senior Director of Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Hiroyasu Onuma said that similar to Hanoi, Tokyo gives visitors a clear sense of intersection between classic and modern.
This is the reason why the city government decided to choose the banner called “Tokyo: Old meets New” for the campaign to promote tourism. It can be confirmed that, with the history of more than 400 years of construction and development, Tokyo possesses many tourism potentials. Among them are temples, ancient pagodas, and infused gardens or modern amusement parks, etc. These things have maded the contrast between classical and modern Tokyo.
In addition, to further attract tourists from many countries over the world, Tokyo’s government decided to build a multi-lingual counseling center 24/24 hours. Therefore, the center for international visitors to Tokyo does not meet language barriers.
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